I first chose Tumblr as my main blogging platform because I have fallen prey to its simplicity and ease of posting. However, I have been facing many issues with the structuring of my posts and lack of features. As my blog grew in content during the past month, I cannot continue to ignore the fact that Tumblr can no longer sustain the vision I have for my blog. “What if I have a blog named what if” is a blog title I really like, but for practical reasons, it is too lengthy for long-term usage.

Yesterday I made a devastating decision. I knew I needed change. It was terribly heart-wrenching to abandon my ridiculous blog title and the work I have put into my blog. But I know Tumblr is not going to work for me in the long run.

So here goes. I have migrated to Blogspot and changed my blog title. All the craziness are still intact, and I am working towards producing even better content each day.

Please hop on to Whiny Pencil from now on!

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We all know those annoying "why"
kids who question just about
everything and simply doesn't give
you a break. Well, I am more of
an annoying "what if" person. This
blog is dedicated to this annoying
trait and to train myself to get out
of my terrible handwriting rut for
the past twenty something years.

Yours truly,
(P.s. there is only one of me)

bistro palooka

Order your lunch at Bistro Palooka!
(Disclaimer: No hens were harmed.)




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